Setfix clamping systems


First description of the solution

A modular system designed for the construction of support and fixing points for the stable positioning of measured objects in the measuring space of three-coordinate measuring machines or on a specific plates for conventional measurements or other similar applications. 







Use in automotive and elsewhere where 3D measurement is needed


Flexible 3D measuring


We have developed our own patented SETFIX modular kit that addresses countless situations requiring 3D measurement and flexibility to change it. Individual parts can be combined and purchased separately. Save costs and increase your flexibility.

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With the SETFIX modular kit, it is possible to repeatedly clamp the components in the defined position. In order to solve any challenges and requirements for component clamping, we will be happy  to consult the problem with you and subsequently submit the design of the product. That way, you'll get a set that's exactly right for you.


The basic modular element consists of 40 mm extruded aluminum profiles “for basic” and 20 mm “pro ultralight” with channels and a nominal size of 8 mm or 5 mm, a set of different connecting stones (for connecting the elements vertically, diagonally or horizontally), various parts for adjusting, supporting fastening parts, etc. The joints are fixed by M5 and M8 screws.


With this modular system, in contrast to other fastening systems used, the relative position of the parts is not bound by the distance of the mounting holes. The SETFIX system enables stable positioning for both flat and rotating parts - located between the set tips or prismatic channels and parts with spatially general shapes. Besides standard fixation assemblies, it is possible to create a general-purpose pointing device, a positioning hinged table or other special measuring devices. With regard to the large-volume production of extruded aluminum profiles, this clamping system is not only intriguing due to its variability, but also cost-effective.

Delivery of SETFIX:

The system can be supplied as a detachable and adjustable clamping device for clamping a specific component, or in the form of a universal set that addresses common clamping needs for metrological purposes. Packaging is arranged according to the agreement and to the quantity and richness of the ordered set.


SETFIX sets come in both basic and ultralight configurations and are designed to meet the basic need for clamping.

We also supply custom clamping kits, in which case the client will choose only those parts from the catalog that fit his usage scenario. Our staff will be glad to help you select these parts.


We will present the kit directly in your company, and if you are interested, we will let you know about future news and developments. We will design a solution based on your request or sample. We offer warranty and post-warranty service. The assortment of the SETFIX kit can be delivered individually or on customer's request. We also design constructions and make custom clamping systems according to customized 3D models. The price of the whole system then depends on the number of components used.