Our strengths

Our company was established in 1992, we operate in the field of very precise machining, lightning conductor production and specific constructions. We are based in the north of Bohemia, in Teplice. Our very stable, long-standing team includes more than 60 experts specializing in metal, construction, mechatronics and measuring technicians. Over the past 20 years, we have accumulated valuable experience that we use for other projects.

Our company values are:



accurate measuring devices are our domain. Thanks to this, precision is rooted in our corporate culture.

+     we have a ISO quality management system,
+     our company processes are set to eliminate errors or inaccuracies
+     multi-layered system of on-going and outbound checks
+     test logging in case of calibration of measuring assemblies as a matter of course

Accuracy is then reflected in other areas of our business, such as the production of welded structures, lightning conductors and other precision machining and metal products.



We strive to make the most of our customers' wishes. If the market situation changes or there is a need for different measuring methods, we respond immediately. Similarly, we remain in close contact with our customers and use the acquired knowledge to develop other products and systems. We know that our customers' success is also our success. We are not afraid of ambitious projects with specific demands on electronics, mechanics and accuracy.



We are aware that there is no only great financial value involved, but also many people and often their health depending on our products.

+     materials that enter our production processes are only taken from proven suppliers
+     we perform external and internal tests
+     when choosing between cost reduction versus robustness and durability, we always choose robustness and durability.

This also guarantees the reliability of our systems. We carefully pay attention to adherence to agreed terms when planning projects. We've made sure that our chain of values has been ridden from all elements where our capacity or the capacities of our suppliers might be compromised to jeopardize the commitments that we have made.