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Welded structures
Components for lightning conductors and metalwork

Welded structures

Metal production in small and large series

Thanks to extensive machine equipment and reliable supply chains, we produce simple as well as complex designs. We are very strict in compliance with rigorous manufacturing tolerances. 




and more than 20 years of experience

Welded structures

Accuracy you can count on.

Accurate measurement is our domain. After more than 20 years, our whole team is accustomed to the fact that accuracy comes first. This tradition is being honored also during the production of all our other products. We will be glad to prepare your tailored calculation.

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The products and services offered include:

I     pressing on hydraulic and eccentric presses
I     steel structures, gates and railings
I     supporting structures, eg for road marking
I     elements and closing systems for wiring unit chambers

I     precise machining of metals and plastics
I     manufacture of forming and pressing tools
I     single-purpose machines and feeders
I     welding and clamping agents