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Sale of lightning conductors
Components for lightning conductors and metalwork

Sale of lightning conductors

Parts for lightning conductors

We have been producing lightning conductors since 1992. We offer a complete selection of lightning conductor parts, including zinc-plated (hot-dip galvanized steel), copper and stainless steel.


Tradition and reliability since 1992

Lightning conductor sale

Economical solution Economical solution with high quality standards.

We deliver mainly to companies that are involved in the installation of lightning conductors or complex lightning conductor units for large projects. Prices set directly by the manufacturer are a great advantage for many of our customers. We will be happy to send you a price list and answer your questions.

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We offer:

I     collecting rods and accessories
I     conductor wire supports
I     protection angles and tubes including holders
I     clamps
I     grounding material
I     isolated lightning conductor
I     other goods - current clamps, rope clamps, tensioning screws, cable clips
I     custom production according to the customer's request

I     Your ordered goods will be distributed throughout the Czech Republic.
I     We have trucks and vans available.
I     you can use PPL, TOP TRANS.


I     Great design of clamps, supports and holders
I     rounded corners, double-sided tips for better appearance, better handling and work safety.
I     clear numerical designation of the assortment, better orientation and uniqueness when ordering

With us, you can count on:

I     high quality goods
I     a wide assortment
I     All products are certified and approved
I     regular shipments directly to customers
I     free shipping (for regular customers)

Standards and norms:

I     ČSN EN 62561-1 - Components of the Lightning Protection System - Requirements for coupling components

I     ČSN EN 62561-2 - Components of the lightning protection system - Requirements for wires and earthing

I     ČSN EN 62561-4 - Components of the lightning protection system - Requirements for conductor wire supports

I     ČSN EN 62305-1-4 - Lightning protection - general principles, risk management, material damage to buildings and life threats, electrical and electronic systems in buildings.

I     Our clamps are tested to EN 62561-1 and are rated N for normal stress, ie they are able to withstand lightning current up to 50 kA.

I     We hold the quality management system certificate ČSN EN 9001: 2009. The certificate is subject to the following activities: Production of components for lightning conductors and earthing, Construction and production of clamping devices and single-purpose devices.