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Precision manufacturing
Precision manufacturing and clamping systems

Precision manufacturing

We participate in the creation of even the fastest cars

Using the clamping system of our construction we're testing a whole array of parts. We've gathered a lot of experience with production tolerances in the automotive industry over the past 20 years. We own a variety of patents, we have a stable and very creative development team and our own production capacities for the fastest cars.

+ Complex systems made-to-measure

+ Custom Development Team

+ Flexibility and reliability

And over 20 years of experience in automotive

Accurate manufacturing

Every totality requires interaction and accuracy.

Production lines operate continuously. One part with bad dimensions means downtime costing hundreds of thousands. This is the area to which we contribute. Thanks to our measuring systems, car production can be sufficiently efficient.

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+ Systems for high-precision 3d measuring

+ Logging and interface to other systems

+ Ability to measure practically anything in 3d space


+ Competitive pricing and unprecedented accuracy

+ Flexibility in repairs and recalibrations

+ we are already a traditional player in the automotive sector