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Components for lightning conductors and metalwork

Precision manufacturing and clamping systems

Measuring and calibration center

Navrhujeme a vyrábíme sofistikovaná měřící zařízení

We design and manufacture sophisticated measuring devices

We specialize in calibrated measuring instruments and single-purpose machines that evaluate the faultlessness of your own or your suppliers' components. Our products are part of the production process of almost all European car manufacturers.




Components for lightning conductors

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Kalibrujeme přístroje s přesností na 0,01 mm

We calibrate instruments with an accuracy of 0.01 mm

In addition to the production of precise mechatronic measuring instruments and components (for example, for robots) we also engage in their adjustment, accurate measurement and revision of components of delivered products. We are very flexible and very happy to solve complex, unusual constructional and technological tasks.

Calibration and measurement